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Not sure where to start with AI? We can help.

You don’t have to go it alone. Our team of pros will partner with you to conduct a comprehensive analysis and develop a plan to increase productivity, eliminate inefficiency and boost customer and employee satisfaction with AI.

How it works

Survey + Analyze

We facilitate a comprehensive survey and analysis of your current processes and tools.


We summarize our survey findings and review with your team during a collaborative listening session. 

Map Your Journey

We use your team’s feedback to identify opportunities against 65 areas of potential AI investment.


We recommend key areas of AI investment based on your team’s priorities and challenges.


We deliver a report that your team can activate internally or Capacity can implement the plan and apply the cost of the assessment toward your licensing fees.

What your team gets

Survey & Listening

Survey and listening session with our team of AI pros.

Prioritized Recommendations

Areas of potential investment and suggested use cases. 

In-Depth Report

Key findings from surveys and analysis

Action Plan

Roadmap and Action plan for implementation

Opportunities Inventory

Inventory of implementation opportunities

Check-In Meetings

We’ll answer questions and provide vendor selection support.